Sunday, March 9, 2008

So Far this March

We keep getting the nice weather and then a freeze alert and I for one am over it! Winter be gone!
Honey received his bonus check from last years figures and I am so proud. Additionally, I am so proud of how he is respectfully putting some pushy individuals in their place. So pleased he will soon be moving to a different building which, will cut his commute in half! Woohoo we're gonna save some gas and with the prices climbing so rapidly the move is such a blessing! Met a really nice individual in line while waiting to vote on the 4th which, was nice since the wait was over an hour long. Spoke with dad and again the conversation was left wanting. We pressure sprayed the driveway and honey finally washed his dirty dirty truck. Charlie the little dog in back (the rotten neighbors) knows my voice and when he is crying outside I can go to the fence and talk to him through the cracks and it calms his down... it's such a nice feeling. So far this month because of the winds I'm sure, I have attempted to catch 3 loose doggies to no avail. One was too skiddish and the other two which looked scary, one would not come to me and the other drank some water and then ran to catch up with the other one. Gosh it upsets me to no end that their owners are not responsible enough to put a collar with a phone number on it to help get their lost pets home. Then they cry and litter the area with flyer's to help them find their loved ones. I think the strong winds pushed gates open and if the family isn't home then the doggies get away. I spoke with Missy's owner the dog that looks like our Crikit. Maybe with the little chitchat we had about how alike the dogs look he will now discontinue his practice of upsetting my doggies everyday on his return walk from the elementary school. Briefly spoke with Grandpa neighbor and I have recorded one incident with the rotten neighbor's action with our pets. I wish they would just move and a nice family would move in. Better yet we would come into some money so we could buy land and build our retirement home; awh nice thought. Honey is gonna have to travel 2 days this month and traveling is rare but this year it has been numerous to my dismay! We're gonna take a drive to AZ with the doggies to see the honey's mom. I'd rather stay home with the doggies but the honey his family to meet our doggie members. Honey's brothers birthday was yesterday and it seemed like it was a good convo between the brothers so that was nice. My house seems a mess and I don't like it but for some reason when I am organizing it seems to look like a storm hits it before it looks better. I better get back to it and write more later.
Toodles Y

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