Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello my name is Addict

Dang I can't kick the the habit! The Coke habit! Yes I said Coke and does that grab one's attention right away? I should think so!
I love the look that flashes across the faces of the people in the convo when I say that, then I get a good chuckle before I clarify... Coca Cola ; lol how fun is that. In all honesty though, I use to need Coca Cola just to find energy. Then to my good fortune and after many visits to a variety of doctors tests finally revealed why I was lacking energy. So at one time I would most definitely have considered myself an addict I know the hubby did.

However, I recently came to the mind set that I was determined to reduce if not quit my now unnecessary habit; until I came up with what we think is an awesome idea. Now hubby is encouraging me to drink more. How wrong is that I ask. Well, at least temporarily until we complete our project.
So, I bet you want to know what this project is in order for me to delay my good health decision? Artistic garden walls. Shall I go on?
Here's the deal... We recycle but with just the two of us (oh that sounds like a song) there is not need to put the receptacle bin out for pickup unless it is full and that can take 2 to 3 weeks sometimes. One day I put something in it and saw the abundance of soda cans. I thought oh I have a problem. Then to think on the positive side of the coin my thoughts turned creative. I knew I needed to do something artistic with all those cans like chimes maybe, a picture frame or something to express and represent my love for Coca Cola since I intend to cut back, then it came to me... garden walls!
So are you confused now? Well, here's the low down, with the prices of fruits, vegetables and food in general going up I have altered what we buy. For instance, we definitely skip the red bell peppers now since they are outrageously priced and we don't always get tomatoes that I so love. So the natural conclusion is grown our own! However, with money somewhat tight and after pricing the veggie plants, dirt, the wood for the framing not to mention the fertilizer necessary the cost was adding up quickly! Then... the idea came to me garden walls! So instead of buying the wood and connectors we bought Gorilla Tape. Yup we stacked the cola cans and taped the back sides together 3-cans high and created a large enough containment area for several veggie plants. Plus it is yard art too!
We are so excited to be backyard farmers! Can't wait to show off the tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, yellow whenever we can find some starters, the blueberry's and watermelon woohoo!

Celebrate Life! Y

pee ess: (as the little darlings would say) AM tornado like rain totally a post in its self, yucky high humidity sunny day when it was suppose to be more nitrogen rich showers and then a lovely breeze plus over cast evening but we still want the rain ~ hello clouds open up!

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Emanicipated? said...

Creative energy is running rampant between you too.....wonder if its too much cola? :0) Goodluck with the garden.