Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday stuff

Boy did I wake up wih energy galore! I know it's the time change and that one unwelcome day in the future when my body figures it out. I like feeling rested at 5 AM and having the desire to get out of bed and do lots of things...
Well, this morning after I got the honey off I gathered all the items I needed and detailed washed my automobile... it was long over due even though it didn't really look dirty. Then I did the front yard plant maintenace thing to get ready for tomorrows cold front burrrr just thinking about it. Ginger was out with me most of the morning. Took a short break to talk to Sampson's mom and headed in for a spagehetti lunch ~ what a treat for me! I don't know what made me make a little bowl of my most favorite thing to eat .... but I did! The only thing I feel guilty about is... I cancelled my errands 'cos I wanted my newly clean clean car to stay that way for a day.
Oh and I also felt guilty that I didn't play with the dogs too much during the day because it's dark now when the honey gets home. Lucky us the rail lights still work so the yard has light for dad play time. I vow to do better tomorrow... turkey night ~ yeah!

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