Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Vote: we must not forget to Vote

We must remember to go vote... where's our cards hmph
Oh today is now cold but it started off really nice this morning. I knew to get up and out to prepare for the winds and the cold front headed our way in a couple of hours. Turns out I got my exercise done early... down then up then down & up again & again & over & over again...
Sometimes I really don't like having a deck or having the bedrooms upstairs
but it sure does help getting in un-noticed exercise lol
Well, even though Sunday & Monday felt like a really really long days and the time change helped us get rested, we now struggle with the mind games...
the clock vs. the body

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Emanicipated? said...

Are you off saving the world or just giving us an opportunity to miss you even more? :)