Friday, September 14, 2007

Date Day!!

Hello My Friends... I choose to blame the computer for my being away...

Oh My Gosh it’s Date Day again and I haven’t posted all week! I could call myself “slacker” but I won’t lol… I’m too happy it’s Date Day already!
Today is a blessing in itself but a couple of unexpected one’s too… found some money in the laundry room woohoo and not coins if you know what I mean plus a couple of hours into the morning I was craving a sweet which, we try to avoid having much in the house but to my joyful surprise I came across a pack of m&m’s … how great was that lol God sure does provide!

SO a week in wrap up:

Friday was scrumptious as usual but we stuffed beyond our contentment and we skipped the Friday Night Lights and headed home. We chose to enjoy our fullness in the comfort of our lounge chairs. The kids enjoyed having us back home I’m sure because they knew they would get their bread sticks sooner than later.

Sat & Sun we were slackers… we were in slow mow… we did our shopping errands first thing Sat and then lounged the rest of the weekend. Pretty much a whole lot of rest & relaxation was our mission.

M-T-W-T well, a lot of computer problems that started last Thursday did some transplanting, a tiny bit of yard piddling, house cleaning, TV watching and hubby enjoyed many successes. An exciting addition to our week was that two of the nights included the hubby & I walking. W- we took Ginger on a short walk around the block to get our mojo going and Th- we took our big girl Crikit on a brisk walk that was just a hair short of 2-miles. Tonight will be Sparky’s turn and this time we will do the full 2-mile route. Cheers to a good health decision… hope we can keep it up since we have failed at this many times over… finger crossed!

Yeah! Dad of The Lot, kids & me wish everyone
Happy Weekend!

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Emanicipated? said...

I am happy you are back...I know how crazy one can get when the computer is on the fritz so cudoes for not losing your mind.

Enjoy Date Day...I've been thinking about 'borrowing' that idea