Saturday, September 22, 2007

TV ~ junkies ~

Good thing we started walking to avoid TV butt!
Next week is premier week yeah... but since local broadcasting has improved so much it's going to be a bit more difficult to manage our TV schedule. We might have to consider getting Tivo or another TV. I vote for the latter. Our family room already has two and we play them simultaneously whether its the same program or not. It's amazing how easy it is to actually watch both at the same time and enjoy two shows at the same time. When a third show is on we then use go back and use the remote to it's full capability... I can't believe admitting this. Anyway, we aren't big on recording and watching later so... who knows, we'll just have see how it goes.
Well, Last Comic Standing: I thought Lavell would have won 'cos he really gave us some good laughs but the Hemi Guy which is how we refer to him because of the commercial and we can't seem to remember his name; well he was pretty good and most likely it helped that he didn't curse like Lavell. I can see where that could have come into play with some voters.
BB8 went to the cat litter box! Accidentally got caught up watching the all stars edition last year so we decided to watch this season for the first time but we boycotted the last two shows and most likely will never watch again.
Biggest Loser is such and encouraging show. It helps get us up and out.
Yeah! Since I'm a dancer at Y Dancing with the Stars is starting Monday! Last year we were so hooked that we took one of the TV's out and put it in the bed of the truck so we could watch while giving out treats on Halloween otherwise neither one of us would have responded to the doorbell. Most of the parents walking their kids had good comments and it distracted some of the parents from their task at hand. Considering we're a corner lot, for the last few years as the sub has expanded with kids we have intentionally made ourselves obvious with our costume wigs, the TV and the blood gum that way most all of the older kids would remember us and we would not get egged at the end of the night; such a dreaded prank. We've been blessed so far over the years.

But oh my goodness - we or I also want to see:
Ughly Betty
Grey's Anatomy
The Bachelor and the crazy gals
Gordon Ramsey's show since Hell's Kitchen is over
The Nine - I hope it's not reruns
24 - well we've got time
Prison Break
Private Practice
How I Met Your Mother
And Back To You
Idol - soon
Desperate Housewives
Chuck: looks interesting
The Big Bang: looks funny - we'll see
Smarter Than A 5th Grader
Do you know the Lyrics (is that the name?)
America's Funniest Video's
Just For Laughs
Most Outrageous Moments
So you think you can dance - after Idol
Sports Tournaments - mainly golf & tennis
Football games
Garden shows
Ministries: TBN & 3abn
George Lopez
King of Queen's

I feel like I'm missing a few... but even so you can see why we should probably add another TV or adjust to recording.
Good thing we don't have cable!


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Reggae Barrister said...

Now I remember why I have not been reading much lately. I have been watching too many programmes. Gosh hw I love TV. Not a fan of Dancing with the Stars. I watched Ugly Betty when it was just a pilot and look at it now!!! Of course, I am still on that trail. Plus America's Next Top Model, Heroes, Law and Order SVU and Sex and the City reruns. Can't wait for the movie. WOW. AM I really studying law right now. Lot you reminded me why I changed my venue of studying. Keep in touch

Lot 53 said...

Hello My Reggae Barrister: I told you I forgot some shows... I can't wait for the movie either! I was pretty shocked when we wrote the list... so do we really watch that much? goodness... HEY!

Back to your books ~ break over!

~ smiles ~