Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just notes...

Taking a break with 'Ellen' so I thought I would blog a bit.
What the hay... it's already TuesDAY
I must be getting old 'cos I cannot remember much of what all happened yesterday. Not much on TV cept 'Prison Break' and oh intense it was. We didn't go for our evening walk 'cos we got a quick 0.05 inch of rain and because hubby saved some lives it was best for him to rest; my turn this weekend.
Today though much time was absorbed in front of the camera lens. I am determine to cut my last ponytail for 'locks of love' this week and I know I will never have my hair this long again! I also know I've said it before but I got lazy last time and it will happen this time. However, on the positive side, the delay will only benefit the children with a longer tail donation. This will be my 5th and unfortunately last because I'm starting to get the natural highlights. Hmm I'm not sure I feel ready... well back to business...
~ smiles ~ MOTL out...

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