Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh What A Night ...

Isn't that a song?
We pigged out! waddled over to... okay drove - needed the MEGA ticket and then we headed to the stadium and captured a great space. Met a fun family during the ticket window wait and another batch of fun individuals during the rain delay wait at the stairwell but we got the seats we wanted and yeah most of the game was played in front of us. The bands were okay and after the opening rain storm the weather was fantastic! The team we chose to support WON and we left with 41 seconds left in the game, 'sped' walked to the truck and had a fabulous departure! yeah NO wait!!
Kids were ecstatic when we got home most likely because we left them locked in because of the expected rainstorms and I'm sure they were crossing their little paws ... thinking ... hurry hurry hurry - it's easy to get forgiveness though ... just share a bread stick! haaay
Off to do the Saturday stuff... MOTL out

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