Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today was a day...

by the time I arrived home from the planned errands well...
I was melancholy and had a tweaked ankle
It didn't help that I watched a bit of the funeral before I headed out the door
It didn't help that it took forever to find the HS to buy tickets
It didn't help that I got somewhat lost on my way back
It didn't help that everything I intended to purchase did not meet my needs
It didn't help that I tweaked my ankle before I left the store parking lot
It didn't help that I remembered that I forgot a few things shortly after I left
It didn't help that I had to make a 2nd stop on the way home w/a tweaked ankle
then later...
It didn't help that Ugly Betty's sisters portion of the premiere hit my heart hard
It didn't help that Greys Anatomy continued the pulling of my heart strings
It didn't help that I couldn't take Sparky for 'his turn' health walk
today was a day ~ sigh

3 Guest(s):

Emanicipated? said...

We all have em.....its good though, cause usually there's areally good day around the corner.

darla said...

Awww, sorry to hear about the ankle. Doesn't it just ruin the day when you have everything planned out just so and it still doesn't go right?! Tomorrow will be better!

Lot 53 said...

Thank you friends for all the "positives" they always help when one is blue ~ smiles ~