Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekend wrap-up

This week is messed up for sure ‘cos it feels like a Sunday! I do know why – we did the majority of the lawn work today and we usually do it on Sunday.
Saturday we did some edging, a little mowing and a major rock & brick project both in the back and front. Crushed my thumb, which is better today, but the rest of the body muscles are beyond sore. We topped the day off with a BBQ mmmm good even if I say so myself!
Today while we were working the back, Crikit begged us to fill her pool. I know that sounds funny being that she’s a dog but this is how she did it. We use and old pool for all their yard toys to keep the clutter consolidated and it happen to have a bit of rain water in it so what did she do? She pushed the toys over and tried to lie in the water… of course staring us down while we were in the mist of work… how can you say no to that?So I got one of their good pools and filled it even thought we are expecting rains just so Crikit could cool off – she plays hard. Once Crikit got out to get her ball Sparky plopped down in the water. He use to dislike the pool idea in the past but I guess this muggy summer changed his ways.
Ginger not really interested stuck by my side so I let her go out front with me because I wanted to reinforce her good behavior off her leash. She is the best of the three in this area. A little boy riding by asked if she was going to run after him and you could see he was happy I said no. He said she was pretty… Proud mama moment
Well, we were going to have a watermelon feast but it began to get muggy an mosquitoes suddenly showed up. Since the kids love their watermelon it is necessary to eat it outside… it will just have to wait.
Were all in and resting now. Kids are napping with their new chew bones and the honey is reclining in his chair. I on the other hand am at the computer catching up on things. But the down side of it all... I forgot to mail my dearest friend in the WORLD Queen One a Birthday Wish... slap my hand. Thank goodness I know she is always forgiving... my dear friend is...


Life is good… Thank You Lord

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joanne M. said...

beautiful dog. sounds like you really enjoy and have fun with your dogs. Cool

Lot 53 said...

Thank you Joanne. How can you not appreciate unconditional love. I wish I could have more but our sub restricts us to '3'

Have a wonderful week ~smiles~