Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend - Dang Energy Stealer

Struggling with low energy
Did it; necessity errand
Checked on Boy Fish
Caught up on a few blogs
Did some soaping
Still struggling...

Well, I didn't do much outside today
So kids were too excited when Dad came home
Ya doggie playtime!
Hell's kitchen had some surprises
Walked Ginger to the mailbox but we both got scared
Attack dog sounded agitated and it was dark
So we headed the other direction
Then I remembered, dang I forgot to do a load
Well if hubby is to look good tomorrow then I guess...

SO Weekend round-up included
mowing & edging where needed
working the drain path
working the under deck project
re-hydrating with cantaloupe
note: Ginger no likey
left a fly for Little Green Baby
Closed by chowing the chicken and rice; mmmm
But oh my goodness the week is just now starting
Mom & Dad of the Lot tired

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