Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday's Recap

Yesterday the landscape sure was happy, on the 1.5 " rainy day... happy dogs? not so much. I can only imagine how they feel when we take away their freedom to choose IN or OUT. Since they're restricted to the floor area when IN and since the family room is carpet well, I guess they aren't to happy about that either...
Ginger: I got some time on the side yard while Mom picked the glory seeds plus I was so good she didn't even have to hold the leash! I didn't mind the people that walked by except the back neighbor, I growled quietly. So what if he said good morning, his family isn't that nice. Mom blew me some bubbles and let me bark a little bit!
Sparky: Mom didn't take me out front but I did pop bubbles and chase Crikit. I got to work on my tan when the sun came out. I had fun splashing in the puddles but since I don't like to get my paws wet, it can be a dilemma at times. Like always, I look forward to Dad getting home 'cos he always comes out to play... we play football everyday, I bark the calls and jump for the ball... good stuff!
Crikit: Mom came out early and threw my ball a while, I loved it. But sometimes I get mad when Ginger gets to my ball first and when Sparky trys to slow me down. I prefer to be anywhere mom and dad are anyway, but when dad gets home... it's ball time!
Closed the evening with the reality show's and had the hub publish his first post... hurrah!

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