Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Mixture of Blessings

This morning sure was a mini trial... ugh! My fault though 'cos last night when I was settling the dogs for the night I saw my tennis shoes and I remember thinking I better put them out of reach... guess what, yup I forgot to move them. I put so many things out for the little one to chew in case she couldn't sleep but dang, she decided I needed slip-on's! So what did she do? She chewed the backs off both shoes! I could not help but yell the moment I saw them, I smacked her hinny and locked her outside while the other two got to stay in. So why is it I feel bad whenever I scold her... after all she is still considered a puppy; plus I did leave the shoes in her reach... and she does, like the others, bring me such joy and unconditional love Y ...
SO, who can describe how wonderful it is to hear and walk out with good news when you must visit the doctor. As I grow older, I realize more and more that it's such a blessing to have good health. Well, today's visit was just that and to top it off, when I stopped by the dentist office to pick up teeth imprints I realize, I made such a good choice in changing to this office. I met and had a good chat with the wife, received a meaningful compliment from the technician and enjoyed the warm welcome from my hygienist and the receptionist. Don't get me wrong, I liked my last Dentist and his staff but this is the right one for me.
Okay, the guilt of scolding the little one, Ginger, gave me the energy to go out and play bubbles for a bit when I returned home. How could I not? After all, I receive a blessing every time I return home to the eager greetings from my pack. Especially after this mornings events, Gingi was so eager for me to pet her. She needed to know everything was okay again and if she was forgiven or still loved. Well, who knows how their minds interprets but I love their personalities, their all so unique. So, Sparky loved the bubble time too and of course Black Beauty, Crikit, enjoyed running for her ball. Good thing I took the time 'cos its raining now. We've only received a pinch but supposedly there is a storm to come.
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