Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Feeling Dumb

So the wife keeps telling me to post something so here goes:

I ran my dogs hard today well I usually do everyday but something different happen today. When I arrived home as the norm I went out to throw the tennis ball for the girls and play football with the boy till he gets bored. Well, after throwing the ball a few times, I threw it again and the pack ran after it. The oldest one snapped at it aggressively as she always does but this time I went and hid as part of the game we play together. After a short time I noticed none of them returned. That was odd so I went to look for them. I could tell by the way the oldest (Crikit) was acting that the ball was still lost. It has happened in the past where she knocked it just right like playing volleyball and it has gone over the fence and down the road. So I went outside the fence to look for it. After a couple of minutes of searching I realized the ball must still be in the yard. I returned to the backyard to find the oldest still franticly searching for the ball. The boy (Sparky) was running around with his ball in his mouth and the baby (Ginger) was looking at me as if to ask ‘where did you go?’ so I asked the little one ‘where’s the ball Ginger where’s the ball?’ She looked at me, she looked at the tree, she looked at me again; so I ask her again ‘Ginger where’s the ball?’ And the funny thing was… As though to say to me ’come here stupid’ she looked at me looked up into the tree, looked back at me again and then stared me down as until I walked over to her and began looking where she was looking. About two minutes of searching, I found it stuck in the limbs right above her right where she was looking up.

Proud Dad moment: My little baby dog is so smart

So that's current events as of today and I posted so the wife should stop asking for a while
Dad of the Lot out…

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