Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hubby started at the tower
The cable and phone temporarily out
Got cut off by two incompetent drivers
Had to get some gas *sigh* it sure is high
Got overcharged for an oil change; my fault, I didn’t ask the price
Got the expired inspection sticker redone
Met Shannon Wright whose husband’s in Iraq – say a prayer for him
Did a little *Just Idea’s* shopping
Did my CBS soaping
Had unusual pain from back of right ear down to the shoulder blade *ugh*
Dad and I played with the kids, did the bubbles and lots of petting
code - 1/2 price house and back neighbors 'that's not annoying'
Reality TV night and who knew I would like Posh?
Can't believe we are following Big Brother, shock!
Had discussion about the judging on SYTYCD
Closed with baked cookies; mmmmmmm
Mom of the Lot *Y smiles Y

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