Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ginger Baby

Ginger is the baby of the three, therefore, she is the one still developing her personality. It is so enjoyable to watch this process. She looks like a mini-me of Crikit and as of late, she is doing her best to mimic Crikit's every trait. But when it comes to Sparky, she seems to think she can dominate him when they rough house. It's funny to see her change into her tomboy tude when they play.
Try to imagine this, her alert bark sounds like she is saying "row row row row"... the only time it gets annoying is when it goes on for a long long long time. However, if it's combined with her gazelle leaps, It truly Is
A vision to Appreciate.
Love Them Too Much!
Mom of the Lot *Y smiles Y

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