Saturday, July 28, 2007


Oh this frustrated me to ... ugh!

So this morning I went to MCD to surprise the hubby and lazy me went thru the drive-thru. This turned out to be a big mistake 'cos it sent me over the edge.
Okay so the person taking the order apparently could not hear me, I was patient and repeated every time he asked; then I drove up to the window and gave the 2nd person at the window my card to process payment and can you believe - when he handed me back my card he said nothing and after I said 'Thank you have a great day' - his response was *** 'uh huh' *** what the heck was that * 'uh huh' ...

I wanted to scream - didn't your family teach you manners little boy!!!!!! Some of these young generation individuals are potentially our future leaders! ugh! A simple Thank You is not much to ask when your helping to 'pay' their paycheck ---Manners *101* people

Mom of the Lot not smiling

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