Friday, July 27, 2007

Sun No Sun

It's going to rain tomorrow... the sun was out while it was sprinkling. I learned that in Girl Scouts and it has held true since. Now we love Shrek & Fiona but we are not swamp fans. Actually, I'm hoping the swamp drys some so we can make headway this weekend cleaning up the back. I took advantage of the sun & clouds this morning and transplanted the ever waiting fig. It's so much easier to plant when the ground is soft 'cos our sub is built on a quarry - that translates to rocks galore people.
Well, TGIF... it's our date day and I need to get ready for Prince Charming to get home. We're going to see Harry! Yeah! Popcorn, soda & arm candy; how good is that! :) Toodles
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reminder: mailed the 2nd 'I'

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