Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A View from Lot 53

My wife and I spent many hours not long ago landscaping, cleaning, and maintaining our lawn especially removing all debris and rocks so the children in our neighborhood would not be tempted to throw these things at our dogs. One afternoon we were enjoying our Lot 53 and were shocked to see one of the neighbors walking with his family pickup a rock from the street and throw it at our fence where our dogs were barking. He then noticed us on our deck and tried to act as though nothing happened. What a wonderful example to set for his children walking with him.

Two weeks later, I was approaching the corner of our fence to start our lawn care and heard our dogs barking very aggressively. I turned the corner and found a different neighbor of ours jumping and kicking at our fence antagonizing our dogs. His wife was deeply embarrassed as I caught her husband in the act. She apologized several times to me but her looser husband said nothing. I do not believe he enjoyed much of the walk after our encounter as she verbally scolded him as they left.

How sad. We would like to believe most parents try to teach their children to be respectful of animals, other people’s property, and themselves. Yet when you see “Adults” acting in ways most people would find unacceptable for children I have little hope for those kids.

We are praying for those two families. Our prayer is, that these families will find a greater respect for themselves and then recognize others should receive the same respect. The saying is a cliché but still holds true: “Treat others the way you want to be treated”. Would either of these families want us to show the same disrespect towards them that they gave us?
Dad of the Lot... out

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