Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Things...

The lot is drenched: We've had a break from the rain in our area for a couple of days now however, we must get back to the landscape drain path project... we have a backyard swamp, good thing it's too shallow for alligators! But we're battling the mosquitoes. WE ARE going to win. *sigh*
Bit of Brag: This a rare event... took a beautiful drive thru the Hill Country yesterday and had great company for conversation. We went to shop at a small town icon status store that is closing after 183 years! It's like an old time 5&Dime but sells upscale items. Now, since I am a frugal shopper the prices were pretty good but not quite good enough for me to part with my greens. I'll have to check back in the near future 'cos I did see a few items that I would love to give at Christmas but it took half a tank of gas so I must time the next trip just right. Most items are at 40% but I want 60 or more in order to suffice my perceived value plus, I need to see the value in the drive too unless of course I ride next time... One neat thing though, I tried a deep fired avocado with tomatoes and pepper toppings and it was sensational, bad for diet but great for a moral boost! Trip worthwhile.
Sun is out, guess it's time to let the dogs splash plus take care of Boy Fish.
Note to self: remind hubby to post

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