Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sad Hearts

Y's around the world are sadden to hear that Tammy Faye has passed.
She will be missed. I admired her courage, strength and beauty to go on TV one last time in her frail state, to express her love for our Lord and people in general. I hope it comforters her family to know she is now resting in the Lord till he comes back for all of his believers.
I just wrote about her site on Friday and encouraged prayers. It was rewarding to step into her world of positive and hopeful thoughts. I was stunned Saturday evening to learn of her passing. I had planned to send her a message that evening. I feel some regrets today for delaying. I am comforted though in knowing I prayed for her.
I too know the heartache the family is feeling; I lost my mother to that horrible disease and I hold onto the fact that my mother is no longer suffering the pain that accompanies the trial. I also believe God is resting her soul till we are all called home. He just called her home sooner than we wanted and tested our faith. I still deal with the loss daily. Sometimes I scream inside while no one is watching but when the tears fall... only our Heavenly Father can comfort me.

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