Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blog Friends


Do you know they are the nicest kind? Whether they know you visit or not, they allow you to peek in on their life journey's. At times they may bring you shared joy, intrigue, new knowledge, laughs and even sadness.

The emotions we share
The crosses we bare
The loves
The losses
Whatever we dare...
I have found myself caring for so many bloggers. Whether I comment or not, I visit several regularly. I find to some degree it's my way of 'paying it forward'. I read, sometimes I comment and quite often include them in prayer. I allow some posts to stay with me through the day and even wander into my conversation. In the world of blogspot I am your silent, no attention needed, friend to lean on. Forget not, it's likely you have an abundance of blog friends, many you are unaware of; remember they care enough to visit...
A man is blessed when he has a host of friends... Dr. Jesse Duplantis

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Emanicipated? said...

Well said

Grammie said...

....great post.

I feel much the same way.

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