Monday, August 6, 2007


It's Monday and I am struggling to remember the weekend!
What did we do?

Just For The Record Books
Friday: I stayed inside intentionally with the kids so the adjacent back corner neighbors as you will see in the future I refer to them as the half price house, anyway they apparently got all their family together and dressed in black and blue jeans to take family pictures in the backyard of the renters behind us. I realize it is because the grandmother/mother is up in age and while she can move around it is important to take the generational pictures. I felt it was my duty to allow them to enjoy the experience without my alert dogs letting them know that's not their yard. That delayed me from visiting the yard sale of the neighbors across the street that are selling. So I decided to take Sparky the mellow one... wrong he was quietly freaked so I had to take him home and return alone. Well, that made me miss a good deal on a book case; dang. So there was a lot of things I would have liked to have but it was HOT and kinda priced high on most things but there were some deals and I got some. I then made a point to talk to the neighbor to confirm they sold and to chat a bit. I ended up visiting several times Friday along with the hub and it was nice to kinda say goodbye in so many words, wish them luck and offer to help if they need it. Moved the heavy things we purchased and cleaned them to bring them in. Spoke with the other corner neighbor early in the after noon who you will see me refer to as Grandpa, nice to touch base. Had the Ginger out front and she did pretty good with the neighbor around. When hub arrived home we met the city sprinkler system check guy, Larry/good guy and he appreciated the soda. That was the least I could do after picking his brain with all the gardening questions. Did a late evening run to test the JnB tacos then late to bed.
Saturday: Did the monthly grocery shopping early and then headed back over to pick up one more item that was haunting me. Ended up staying because the lady was left to do the yard sale on her own and I decided to do my good deed and stay with her and then help her pack up. I know she was pretty surprised and kept saying she was a bad neighbor because we have never talked the 4.5-years we have been here but I did my best to let her know it was selfish reasons that I was doing this deed to fill my 'give back' need. I also let her know that I have always wished that when moving someone rather than looking would offer to help even if you didn't take them up on it. Later when it started sprinkling we ran over and put the stuff left out under the porch because all of them were gone or at work. Plus we needed to move a bookcase she gave me because it matched the one I bought the day before. How nice was that? So the hub and I pretty much rested for the rest of the day. Did the W shopping and a spontaneous movie Borne Identity Ultimatum and it was intense probably more so because we had to sit really close 'cos the theater over sold the show! But it was GREAT!
Sunday: The Honey mowed the entire big back yard while I rearranged the the pantry and laundry room. But great rewards... I saved energy enough to cook salmon mmmm We for the most part focused on the lawn, dogs play time and relaxing for the evening. Got frustrated by the Big Brother show and so want the evil and his (acts just like her dad) daughter Danielle off the show! I may not have liked Jen at the start but she is the perfect example of turning the other cheek when it comes to the verbal abuse she is getting from everyone in the house. Wouldn't it be fabulous if she walked away with everything? Checked the e-mail for the first time since Thuuuursday and was surprised to get a message from an old HS friend I caught up with at a reunion last year. Now that is a post to write 'cos reunions always have stories. Anyhow the night ended with King of King's, yeah

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