Monday, August 13, 2007

Is it really Monday?

Today was a difficult awakening – that’s what we get for staying up late to watch a movie on TV that we own… what’s up with us?! But really who wants to pass up "One Night With The King" best rendition on the book of Esther ever... At least the kids were settled and we were already in bed but still…
So... the CT wasn’t so bad this time around and on a positive note: Henry G. the technician was pretty cool. He gave me some insight on matters and I left determined not to worry. As it is, worry is a useless tax on one’s emotions; just trust in the Lord (easier said than done sometimes).
Apparently, I have forgotten how good strawberry preserves taste on bread. Mark one up for a good childhood memory mmmm what a lunch.
Did some blog visits and now the dogs are calling… we didn’t play this morning and it was apparent they missed their special time. When I arrived home they saw me through the gate and little one began crying instead of heading to their doggy door to meet me inside. However, once I walked through the front door I could hear all of them vocalizing their thoughts about me having left them this morning. Interesting how I'm the one following the commands as I scurry through the house to quickly get to their room (kitchen) to ask for forgiveness :) - oh goodness they bring us such joy
I so look forward to my honey getting home; as do the kids
I have no UMPH today
My intentions were to finally cut off my hair for "Locks of Love" but...
I keep forgetting to charge the camera batteries; why you ask?
I know I will not ever intentionally grow it this long again and I must take pictures
I'm beginning to acquire the natural highlights therefore, my tails will be rejected and who wants rejection
even if it is only your 'locks'
New plan: go charge batteries right now
curl hair tonight
takes pictures tomorrow
cut the last ever ponytail for the cause
perhaps if I write it down...

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