Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thuuursday in Progress

What can I say... it's a Thursday
Craving fried chicken for almost 24 hours now
what is up with me?
Mind is full of energy - body not
Sparky's giving me his penetrating stare
it means come out back now-gotta go
Said morning to Little Green Baby
watered some deck plants
Took recycle out front
yippee didn't miss the truck this time
Took Ginger out front without a leash
such a good baby, just stared at puppy walking by
back neighbor's (mean boy's) new family member
watered front plants and fed Boy Fish
Decided to go deposit refund check
passed McD on the way-oops stopped... shame shame
bank teller extremely slow and had an ugly attitude
YOUR FIRED! sure wish I could have said it
Heard a cool new song on KLOVE when I arrived home
got interrupted when I spotted attack dog out of his backyard
panicked for a second while grabbing a leash to catch him
went out to find 'Sampson's' owner already in pursuit
Took some time to soap, post and eat
Okay time to do some house cleaning
winding the day down
shower time
hubby's drive home chit chat call - yeah
Dad of the Lot home
doggie play time (ball over fences)
ant termination
prepare for storm
gave Little Green Baby a house
reality TV
doggie mini play time
finish post
settle doggies for the night
sleepy nights 4 aLL
Mom of the Lot out...

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Jiggs said...

Hi! I sort of visited your blog site because you've been visiting mine for quite sometime (so I thought I must do this in return), and I thank you for that.I wish I could read all your posts here!