Monday, August 27, 2007


Surprise: I cannot believe I did not see one single student walk by our lot on their first day of school. I didn't even see or hear a single school bus. Last year three would pass. I suspect, knowing our particular community has a vast number of children and the news states we are short school bus drivers; I think maybe there was no bus service today and parents had to make arrangements to get the students to school somehow.
Energy Boost: Apparently, I slept well enough to stay up this morning which, is a true pleasure. I had so much energy I rearranged the family room. Not only that but I had such a surge of power, I did the detail cleaning... you know the kind I mean... vacuuming the sofa, the curtains, base boards etc. wow am I pleased with myself. I hope it continues tomorrow :) -
Organ Donors: I so appreciate the families that make this decision when they lose their family member unexpectedly. I saw a brief segment about it today and thanked our Heavenly Father throughout the day many, many times for blessing me with minimal health issues.


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