Saturday, October 20, 2007

agenda in review

woke up and made coffee ~ rare event
dad played with the kids in the cool morning weather ~ I only watched
Ginger couldn't help but bark at jumpin bean kids in back
made a drive thru bank deposit and the teller didn't even speak to us; hmph
finally made the party city returns
headed for the movie and yeehaw popcorn & soda always tastes better!
saw "Ten Commandments" especially made to reach out to children
headed to Office Max to use my fabulous coupon before it expired
returned home with energy and began the under deck project
took a break for a Whataburger mmmmm
honey watched the college games, especially his Alma-mauter who lost by 1 :(
the cool weather helped me finish the outside stuff and the kids loved it!
all that and couldn't sleep... sigh

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