Sunday, October 21, 2007

suuun ~ day

woke up considerably early considering I stayed up till almost 3Am
why... I don't know, I worked pretty hard yesterday but dang
so I went down to let the kids out and then I headed back up
since the honey was awake we turned on the ministries
within the hour our big girl Crikit got brave apparently...

I looked up from bed 'cos I saw something move to find Crikit creeping around the corner to our room... we made eye contact and she decided to chance it and came closer wagging her tail hard enough to make dad open his eyes... she was good though, she didn't even step off the carpet protector... what a good girl. When we decided to get up the baby apparently was sitting at the top of the stairs listening because our movement prompted her to run in for a pet too... at least she stayed on the protector too.
When we headed down, Sparky was waiting by the doggie door to be the first one out to play so when the other two came around the corner followed by DOTL, Sparky rushed the doggie door and waited on deck for football practice... his favorite game with dad :)
I had a rock project in mind and knew we needed breakfast for energy but I didn't feel like cooking... I knew honey would jump at a moments notice if I mentioned breakfast tacos if you drive :) worked and mmmm they were good!
Had a front-yard rock project in mind but it took so long to complete, we altered the plans however, still made wonderful progress... but dang the sun was hot! it felt like I had a hot frying pan on my cheeks... it kinda altered my mood and the project was cut short.
but I found the energy to cook a great late lunch and enough to have for dinner.... mmmm Salmon Sunday... the rest of the day was strictly R & R that included a little evening romp time with the kids and backyard clean up... nice close a really good day

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