Sunday, October 7, 2007

Energy out the ying yang

We were tired from the late night but boy did we find some energy after picking up a couple of McMuffins... which by the way I tried the Huckleberry on and it was delicious!
SO we:
did the front lawn
did the poop patrol then the back lawn
used the lawn blower & vacuum bag to remove the abundance of leaves & acorns
tested the acorns and separated them
planted the yukas that were part of the hit & run
fertilized the front and part of the back
feed all the plants and trees
oh and Sampson's (the attack dog up the road) dad was riding by and tried to coax Ginger over for a petting. She was in the front with me for a few minutes but I knew 'it ain't happenin' she boofed till they left :)
we worked ourselves tired and to think Monday's not a work holiday for us... sigh

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