Thursday, October 18, 2007

long day in All Ways

That's right this was a long day.... it was too hot to do anything outside and I did my best to keep the dogs desire to stay in too.... felt like spring cleaning but couldn't get the umph to get started.... I didn't even cook! One really nice moment of the day was when I opened the the front room curtains to expose a beauty, a single blossom near the top of our tree that was so beautiful! Exciting because the tree did not really bloom this year but wow! Its been suggested that it's a flowering Maple even though it is unusual for our area of the south and considering it was windy, this was the best picture I could get through the window :)
Attended the Home Owner's Association meeting. They tend to run long 'cos you get those individuals that want to tell their stories instead of sticking to the issue or question. Tonight was no different and before the end of the meeting when the last bit of open floor questions were requested... who knew I was going to open up a major topic of discussion that flustered so many! Now for our little community to have 344 homes you would think we would have a large turn out but it was a disappointment that approximately 35 homes were all that were represented.
I say: those who did not make it a point to lend two hours of their time for the sake of their community should not complain. That's how I feel about any open election, if you don't use your right to vote you have no right to complain! oops back to the subject at hand....Curious of what the question of the night was to spark such fireworks? All I asked was: I read somewhere that we were going to change the gate codes on the pedestrian gates? And though the President looked baffled, he grasped for a response that I thought sounded unprepared and in case I needed to validate, I had the newsletter that baited the community to attend the meeting by probing for security reasons it was time to change the gate codes. Whoa... my Q triggered the longest and most combusted discussion of the night! Who knew little ole me could cause such a ruckus :) (maybe when I was really young) totally unintentional but we can never get in that gate when walking into the community and wondered what the issue was; anyhow it ended up being put on the floor for a vote to fix the broken lock mechanism or to leave it unlocked all the time - what's the use of having all the other gates locked 24/7 if we're going to leave that one by the community center where most of the unwanted incidents are occurring? Anyways...turns out we had one in the crowd that was trying to make it a 'racist' issue... unbelievable. It seems as if, lately in the news and now our community is, if you don't like the outcome pull your 'racist card out of your back pocket' uuugh!! That just wrong. What is happening to the world around us and I could go on and on but I know I will ruin my night so I'll stop here and go catch some zzzzzzzzz
MOTL out...

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