Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whata Wednesday

mmm it made me think of Whataburger oooh wouldn't that taste good right now...

The weather was so nice I decided to do some garage cleaning then when I decided to take a break I went in to watch some soaps and shred mail and low and behold I notice that I finally got a credit card application in my MARRIED name. I was beginning to think that public records must not ever be updated considering we've been together for years and for years I have been receiving a whole heck of a lot of credit card apps in my maiden name. I just feel like I have to save that one :)
Stuffed on left over pizza and spent about 2-minutes feeling guilty that we didn't walk last night boo on us and oh still hadn't updated any of the drafts...
I seem to be slacking but I had a nice long chat with my LLF, I missed my shows but... oh well
there's always reruns :)

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