Saturday, October 27, 2007

Maxed Out

We had such a full day! Guess it made up for the lack there of yesterday.
Now even though I chose to ignore the alarm and sleep another hour we still hustled once we woke:
made coffee 'cos I promised, played with the dogs gathered the dog stuff to wash at the local laundry mat loaded the truck let the dogs romp out front for a few headed for the bank then the washateria load two huge front loads got tacos next door waited for the loads to finish to only get rushed by some rude people who seem to think we had their special machine separated and loaded the dryers got grossed out 'cos there was a bug running around monitored the loads to pull out items suring the dry cycle 'cos the doggie sweaters would shrink and one of the pads is sewed with nylon thread unfortunately one of the rugs didn't fare too well but we loaded up and headed to the dollar store to replace Crikits chewed up food bowl because it has to be plastic since she likes to pick it up and carry it over to us when she wants to be fed and if we ignore her she will slap it on the ground or bump us with it till we serve her so I roamed every isle because I forgot what I went there for and still managed to find and purchase many things but the bowl to then head to another bargain store which no longer had what we wanted and then to a particular grocery store which no longer had what we went for and then home to unload the doggie laundry plus the groceries so I could fix lunch while the honey watched his college game so I aired out and de-haired all the doggie articles we just washed plus played ball a little then brought in and put away the doggie things till it gets colder and when the game ended oh and they won we headed for a garden center to purchase garden components for tomorrows winterizing project and on the way home pulled in for a drive-thru dinner because I was too tired to cook and upon arriving home the intent was to relax eat then water feed and potty the children so we will can it a night! ~
I know it's the longest run on sentence but I'm maxed... MOTL out

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Emanicipated? said...

I am tired just looking at it, hope you got some rest :)