Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crazy Weather

I so enjoy overcast with a cool breeze... It just makes me feel alive and if I don't do something outside it seems as if I'm missing out on life!
Used up about two hours of energy before the sun decided to come out and rule the day... transplanted some bushes, filled the wheel barrel with rocks, prepping for the frontyard up coming project... experimented with the weed eater ~ scary thing ~ but I worked on dismantling the rock/fire pit garden and yeah! only had one little mishap... gave some hormones to some of the plants :) that sounds funny and then the breeze stopped, the Sun came out and decided to hug me with his heat... he chased me into the house... hmph
Sure would like a soda but not bad enough to get in the car and go get one!
Ginger was good while out front but she is starting to get a little more daring off her leash, so I have to watch her a bit more closely... and she doesn't like going back into the backyard once out front... it's cute but I sure don't like having to repeat myself or raise my voice... see, just like a child... sigh

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darla said...

Hi! It was hot and humid here in TX, too. I'm so ready for some cool weather!

Yett said...

Hi there, read your blog,sounds simple and full of love,something we all wish for, really interesting. And thanks, for reading my blog.

Cheers :)

Lot 53 said...

Hi Darla ~ you sure have been busy and love the accent chair. The forcast shows cool weather coming but do we really believe? ~smiles~

Hi Yett ~ Welcome to our Lot. It was nice of you to visit and Thank You for such a lovely compliment. I think the same of your blog and will visit again... you do the same. ~smiles~