Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Tid Bits

very cool weather ~ I wish I had spent more time outside
got a bit of morning rain so, I re-fertilized the front
Craving PINK lemonade ~ did you know that lemon water preferably hot is great for combating cholesterol? Provided you don't add sweetener!
I was a slacker most of the day... shame on me
The misty weather was fun for our evening playtime with the kiddos
Honey finished off the fertilizer on the last half of the backyard
Cooked up some turkey treats for dinner
we watched the tube and then...
I should of realized honey didn't feel like walking
I got him out of the house but that didn't go well...
we had a disagreement which, is very unusual for us
100 yards up the road he turned around and headed back home
Crikit & I continued on through the neighborhood
the still damp night made me feel so very alone
but when we returned home sigh
he was no where to be found downstairs
so I got the dogs ready for bed, cleared up the kitchen
headed up to find that he was already asleep...
I don't like going to bed without clearing things up first but
that's life sometimes... sigh
MONDAY notes: planted the ivy's and called the niece for a chat

2 Guest(s):

Emanicipated? said...

Disagreement....clearly this is not the Lot I know...I would have shook the bed til he awoke...then I'd clear the air:-)

Lot 53 said...

Hi emani ~ total bewildering conduct from my normally calm natured man. I felt it best to let the issue pass till the time was right to discuss.

Don't you have a birthday coming up? ~smiles~